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The Difference Between Hacks, Cracks & Patches

Hack, crack, patch – you will come across these terms when dealing with games and other software. But what’s the difference?

In short, hacks and cracks make changes to software of any kind – whether firmwares, games, operating systems or image and sound processing programs. Hacks allow access to new areas and the use of new functions.

Cracks remove copy protection mechanisms and trick the software into believing that it is authorized to use it. Patches are offered by the manufacturer and repair faulty program parts.


A crack cancels copy protection or other restrictions on the use of programs or games.

Creating a crack means exposing part of the software or game structure by disassembling or using hex editors, i.e. practically cracking it. The protection is removed by changing the entries responsible for protection in the exposed part of the program.

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Patches are mostly released by software manufacturers to fix bugs in the original version of the program. With a patch, errors can be corrected without having to restart the entire program. One also speaks of “bug fixes”.

Compilations of patches for complex software are also known as “service packs” and are known, for example, from the Windows XP service packs.

It is rare that a patch does not fix a bug, but rather creates it, as in the famous nude patch for “The Sims 3”. Strictly speaking, this is a “mod”, a modification of the game.


Hacks for firmware/software and video games extends their functionality, similar to mods.

Originally, algorithms were referred to as hacking, which solve a problem, but programmed improperly or poorly and therefore not expandable or transferable. Nowadays, a hack usually refers to access to areas and the use of functions of software that the manufacturer wanted to withhold from the user.

A hack can, for example, make a DVD player recognize and play formats that the manufacturer has prevented by software. A manufacturer often only builds one device and sells it at different prices: the cheaper one with a lower range of functions.

In computer games, hacks can allow access to level editors or enable features. A famous hack is the world hack of “Need for Speed”.

With hardware or software, you usually do not acquire the right to change it.