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About Among Us

Among Us is currently taking over all smartphones and computers. But what is “Among Us” and what is it about? For all late bloomers there is more information here.

Actually, we’re all late bloomers, because the game has been around since 2018. However, it has only become really successful and popular in the last few weeks thanks to streamers and social media. It is estimated that the small indie game has now been downloaded six to seven million times.

Easy to understand, easy to control and a lot of fun

No wonder – “Among Us” is easy to understand, easy to control and has a lot of fun because you always have something to do. The game is reminiscent of a popular party game and optically a bit of the popular “Worms” series of games.

But what is it actually about?

Very easy! A maximum of ten players can take part in a round. Most of them are normal “crewmates” who have to solve small puzzles on a spaceship in the course of the game in order to repair it – such as connecting cables or correctly aligning the motors.

But among the crewmates there is at least one “imposter”, whose job is to hunt down all crewmates undetected. In addition, it can sabotage vital equipment and move in air shafts.

Discuss with your friends

If a lifeless body is found or an emergency meeting is called, a discussion takes place. Because now it has to be found out who the “imposter” is. Only then can the players communicate and suspect other players. A fellow player can be voted out of the game by voting, who can then continue to do part of his tasks as a ghost after the discussion.

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