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About Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is crawling into stores in a few days, but some versions of the game have mysteriously made it to the major game magazines. Of course, there’s not much mysterious about it, because game tests sometimes come on the market before the game is released. So what do the critics say about the game? Is it terrible or almost perfect; is it the best game of the year? 2020 isn’t quite over yet, but Borderlands 3 seems to be delivering what it promised: rock-hard action, bizarre humor and a lot more fun than you can possibly stand.

The 2K press release reads: “Borderlands 3 has the highest percentage of digital sales for 2K for cross-platform, cross-distribution titles. More than 70 percent of customers bought the game digitally in the first five days of its release Highest pre-order numbers ever for a 2K title and broke pre-order records with the Epic Games Store. The first sales of Borderlands 3 exceeded the label’s expectations and in particular PC sales of the title through the Epic Games Store were incredibly strong. “


The first steps on the desert planet Pandora feel pleasantly familiar. Although seven years have passed since the second part and five years since Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, time on Pandora has basically stood still. You still meet the wacky psychos everywhere who want to take you around the corner. But it’s not just the weirdos wearing masks stand in your way, the famous Skags, Rakks and Varkids also populate the barren landscapes.

Of course, I shoot anything that could even begin to pose a threat, with bazillions of different weapons that I collect from everywhere. This is how Borderlands has always worked, and the third part is no different. Even if four completely new vault hunters are available, some of which have their own fresh gameplay mechanics: From the first moment I feel like I’m coming home.

Gunplay with a kick

As usual Borderlands is in the fourth trick, developer Gearbox adjusts at least some elements so that the loot shooter has a modern look. It starts with the fact that the guns feel much heavier and the shooting takes place satisfactorily.

At this point in particular, the predecessors looked monotonous, stiff-hip and old-fashioned. In Borderlands 3, the firearms not only look more varied, but also have wackier mechanics and animations. By having alternate modes of fire, many pistols and rifles reveal a wider range of tactics.

You will come across pistols that fire rockets in three directions, shotguns that are thrown away when reloading and turn into small turrets, fire-laser-firing assault rifles and submachine guns that you do not have to reload but can overheat.

It’s a lot of fun trying out newly found weapons on the battlefield. Also, I feel that the weapon stats in Borderlands 3 are better balanced and therefore stay useful longer. I have been using a few weapons for hours and despite various level climbs I can reliably knock opponents out of the sand with them.

Kind of like a class reunion

Most of all, however, I am grateful for the opportunity to pull myself up on edges with my character. This little innovation not only makes it easier to explore the sometimes huge areas, but also ensures that you often have to master tricky jump passages to get to hidden secrets.

As far as the story goes, Borderlands 3 isn’t pulling up trees. Fans are still happy about the many well-known characters who spread pleasant nostalgic feelings. Basically, the developers manage, at least in the first half of the campaign, to put each character in the spotlight in detail so that you can classify them emotionally.

  • Calypso twins: penetrating troublemakers.
  • Claptrap: annoying tinny chatterbox.
  • Rhyse: sympathetic chick with a horny mustache.
  • Lorelei: Better not to speak to them before the first cup of coffee.

Major and minor ailments

The intergalactic treasure hunt against the children of the chamber works as a flawless tool to drop you off on new planets away from Pandora. If the game goes along. Borderlands 3 is currently suffering from various annoying teething problems.

Sometimes the area has to be left within main missions and then re-entered because a character that is important for the quest is missing or does not want to move any further. Various sound interruptions also occurred: sometimes the gunshot noises were missing, sometimes the entire soundscape stopped, which could only be remedied by restarting the game.

The social ads of your friends sometimes crash and remain permanently displayed. The frame rate also drops to its knees in hectic situations. Whether on Playstation 4 Pro or a powerful gaming PC.

My co-op partners were invisible in places, the menu can only be operated with a long delay, which unnecessarily complicates a simple weapon change or the distribution of skill points. In addition, there are occasional problems with the map, which repeatedly jumps to the fast travel point when you want to navigate the surface.

Also strange to annoying: in some action-packed gunfights my troop was wiped out several times without us really being able to identify what hit us. It seemed as if something was robbing us of our entire life energy within a tenth of a second. Even when the enemies weren’t really around.

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