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About Crusader Kings 3

With Crusader Kings 3, the Paradox Interactive studio brings together medieval intrigue with a strategy role-playing game. Whoever wants to rule must either satisfy everyone or subjugate them. We’ll tell you whether Crusader Kings 3 is really royal or just looks splendid from the outside.

If you have never asked yourself what it was like between kings and other monarchs in the Middle Ages, you are completely wrong with Crusader Kings 3. Because the mixture of simulation and role play tries to bring all aspects of the court under one roof. I also took up the challenge and quickly realized that Crusader Kings 3 has a sense of irony.

Now that the tutorial has focused more on the armed conflicts of an Irish ruler, I want to try a more peaceful route on my first own run. After all, I’m a pacifist inside. I want to become a just ruler.

A ruler who fights with diplomacy instead of arms. So it is a good thing that in the 9th century there was a man in my home town of Thuringia who, at least according to Crusader Kings 3, exactly fulfills this wish: Duke Thankulf II of Thuringia.

The next Duke of Thuringia

So why wander far away when the good is so close? So start with Thankulf II in the middle of Thuringia, which is still under King Ludwig II of Eastern France. Remember, this will be important later. Thankulf is without a wife, so I am looking for a noble lady for the gentleman who not only brings inheritable qualities with her, but can also help out at court.

I quickly find what I am looking for: Kriemhild with the qualities of hardworking, impatient and sociable, all of which give her certain bonuses on attributes. In addition, she could pass on two characteristics to her children: Perfect!

The marriage is offered to Kriemhild’s father, who gratefully accepts. Kriemhild is immediately accepted into my council thanks to her excellent financial knowledge and diplomacy. This consists of all kinds of court members who can perform special tasks in the military, religion, diplomacy or many other areas.

After all, a ruler cannot hold onto power alone. Kriemhild becomes diplomatic representative and thus improves my own efforts to spread my power in the country. There will be splendid celebrations under her hand, at least I think.

The cornerstones are in place, the first struggles for power are on the rise. The local priest made a first dash through the bill. In the council he rears up against us and presents us as incompetent.

We do not accept that and we put him in his place. Even after a little lecture, the spiritual man dances to our tune again, which not only makes an impression on the Pope, but also opens up the option of borrowing money. Not a bad deal!

Now that we, as a vassal of Ludwig II, have received the great honor of working in his council as an informant who reveals secrets, things are going on in quick succession. Kriemhild becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby boy.

When choosing a name, I am disinterested and not at all conceited. The little one will be called “Marvin von Thuringia”. He becomes a just king, a wise ruler. His name will go down in the history books. But nothing there.

Not born a king

Because from here it goes steeply downhill. Ludwig II thinks it is a good idea to go to war. The goal: the conquest of Montaigu under the rule of a supposedly simple count. That shouldn’t be a problem, should it? My troops cannot help because of the small number, but at least they can repel the invading soldiers on my border. They are trying to plunder my cities. But not with me!

Then the karma hits my arrogance in the face. “Marvin doesn’t stop screaming. The doctors did everything for him, now only God can help him ”. I am lost. I have mentally copied my virtual image and swing back to Thankulf II and hope that his first son might make a passable king after all. But while I watch my skins swim away, I don’t pay attention to the war that Ludwig II is waging.

Suddenly a last message pops up: “Game over. Thankulf von Thuringia has lost all titles. “My former ruler with his wife and child now stand in their portraits in ordinary peasant clothes and look like seven days of rainy weather. Ludwig II, a hobby strategist by trade, messed up the war and ceded Thuringia, along with many other areas, to the Count of Montaigu, who left me with my bag and bag in front of the door.

My inner pacifist sighs out loud. Maybe try out the Vikings after all?

Some players know the feeling: One more lap before going to bed and you’re already sitting in front of the computer at 4 a.m. wondering where the time has flown. Crusader Kings 3 is just such a game. Of course, it takes some training time to understand the complex possibilities and systems. But once that is done, you get excited about your chosen dynasty and try to turn the game in your favor. With me the addiction for more is definitely awakened.

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