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About Grand Theft Auto 4

Grand Theft Auto IV, commonly abbreviated as GTA IV, is an open-world action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games.

It was originally released on April 29, 2008 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles in North America, Europe and Oceania. It was then released on Microsoft Windows (PC) on October 2, 2008 in North America and December 3 in Europe, while the Xbox 360 version has been backward compatible on Xbox One since February 9, 2017.

The game is the first part of the release. Grand Theft Auto series entirely in high definition, the fourth major installment and the eleventh episode in order of appearance, succeeding Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories released in 2006.

The game features Niko Bellic, a Serbian war veteran, who immigrated to the city of Liberty City in the United States in order to live the American dream promised by his cousin, Roman Bellic, who in spite of himself drags him into a spiral of crimes and settling of scores.

The player progresses in three-dimensional environments that he explores in third person view and in which he can move on foot or by various vehicles. The game combines elements of racing and third-person shooter and offers open-ended gameplay in both single-player and multiplayer.

In the latter mode, between 16 and 32 players (depending on the version) can cooperate or compete in different game modes.

The game benefits from two episodic content published as paid downloads on consoles and PC. The first, titled The Lost and Damned, was released on February 17, 2009 and the second, titled The Ballad of Gay Tony, was released on October 29, 2009.

The player plays Johnny Klebitz and Luis Lopez respectively, two protagonists linked to the storyline of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Despite the controversy surrounding graphics and content of a violent and sexual nature, Grand Theft Auto IV is a commercial success. It has been very favorably received by all the specialized press and has received numerous awards. When it was released, the game broke two sales records with nearly 3.6 million copies sold on day one and six million copies sold in one week, grossing more than $ 500 million in revenue.

In September 2011, it exceeded 22 million copies sold. It ranks as the best game of all time and becomes the highest rated seventh-gen console game on aggregators such as GameRankings and Metacritic. Its successor and fifth major installment in the series, Grand Theft Auto V, was released in September 2013.

Gameplay & Story

The story of the game features Niko Bellic, a war veteran of Serbian origin, who immigrated to the city of Liberty City in the United States, in order to realize the American dream promised by his cousin, Roman Bellic and find a former member of his unit who betrayed him fifteen years previously. However, on his arrival, Niko quickly learns that Roman’s stories were all lies and that he is in fact drowning in debt.

Niko therefore finds himself ensuring the protection of Roman for whom he goes so far as to kill Vladimir “Vlad” Glebov, the lover of his companion Mallorie Bardas. As a result of this event, Niko and Roman are kidnapped by members of the Liberty City Bratva, commanded by Mikhail Faustin and his associate Dimitri Rascalov. However, happy to learn of Vlad’s death, Faustin hires Niko, whom he charges to kill Lenny, the son of Kenny Petrović, the most powerful member of the Bratva. Done, Petrović demands that Dimitri assassinate Faustin.

Dimitri entrusts this task to Niko, but betrays the latter to join forces with Bulgarin. After a fire, started by Dimitri’s men, which ravaged their apartment, Niko and Roman exile from the Broker neighborhood and move into a cousin’s apartment in Mallorie’s neighboring Bohan neighborhood.

They want to restart their lives, but find themselves ruined. To earn money, Niko agrees to work for Brucie Kibbutz who instructs him to get rid of his enemies. Shortly after, Mallorie introduces him to Manuel “Manny” Escuela, a former gangster, later shot in the head by drug addict Elizabeta Torres.

The latter, another acquaintance of Mallorie, offers Niko to transport his drugs before being trapped by the NOOSE (one of the law enforcement services; allusion to the English word Noose which means noose) from which he escapes with difficulty.

After bringing the drugs to Jacob “Little Jacob” Hugues, a Jamaican drug dealer, Niko is tricked by his ex-girlfriend, Michelle, who is actually Karen and who is employed at United Liberty Paper (UL Paper), an undercover government agency.

Niko meets Tray “Playboy X” Stewart (businessman and friend of Torres) and Dwayne Forge, a depressed ex-convict and former Playboy X partner. The latter asks Niko to execute Dwayne, which last request also for Playboy X; he must therefore choose which of the two he will perform20. Niko later travels to Algonquin to work with the McReary family, all of whose brothers are criminals.

Among them, Francis “Frankie” McReary, the corrupt deputy of the commissioner; Packie, a friend of Torres; and his sister, Kate, Niko’s future partner. They organize together a bank robbery which knows some failures.

U.L. Paper then offers Niko missions, including finding an individual on a police computer and then going to execute him. Upon entering Alderney, the last part of town, Niko teams up with Gerald and Derrick McReary (the player chooses to kill either Francis or Derrick).

It turns out that the latter work with the Mafiosi Phil Bell and Ray Bulgarin, for whom he accomplishes missions. But he finds his former unit member Bernie Crane, who has become an aerobics teacher, and soon realizes that he has not participated in any betrayal. He also helps him get rid of homophobes who make his life hard.

Niko becomes the employee of the boss of a small mafia without much reputation, James “Jimmy The Peg” Pegorino, leader of the Pegorino, who asks him for many services such as killing Ray Boccino and his associate Anthony who betrayed him16. U.L. Paper reconnects with Niko and tells him that they are holding another of his former unit members, Darko Brević.

On site, at Francis International Airport in Dukes, Niko has the choice to kill him or not, but regrets his actions in both cases23. Shortly before Roman and Mallorie’s wedding, Pegorino demands to speak to Niko, asks him to forget about the past and to work with Dimitri to deliver the heroin to Russian buyers.

Niko is then torn between revenge and compromise: making a compromise with Dimitri or taking revenge on him. If Niko chooses the path of compromise, Dimitri sends Niko to look for the heroine.

At Roman’s wedding, an assassin sent by Dimitri kills Roman while Niko tries to disarm him. Filled with rage, Niko decides to hunt down and kill Dimitri. If he chooses revenge, Niko ambushes Dimitri and executes him. At Roman’s wedding, Pegorino, furious at being betrayed by Niko, commits a drive-by shootout. He targets Niko, but kills the latter’s partner, Kate. Niko decides to hunt down and kill Pegorino, now hated by all Liberty City.

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