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About Hades

Hades is a roguelike dungeon crawler from Supergiant; So it comes from the development studio that has already produced Bastion and Transistor. In Hades we hack and slash our way through the underworld of Greek mythology and have to defeat the god of death. As you know from roguelikes, we start again after each screen death, get stronger and stronger and discover more of the story.

Only the crisp and direct controls as well as the weakness for the isometric view from above were retained almost throughout. Things that, together with the off-screen narrators who are also popular, almost became something like the developer’s trademark. But in terms of content? Everything different. Always.

The chameleon of the indie scene

If the isometric action adventure was revived in Bastion, a profound tactical-action system for experimenters was the linchpin in Transistor’s slowly dying computer world. Pyre – perhaps the least noticed, but therefore not the worst Supergiants game – turned out to be a sports game, a kind of underworld NBA jam for people who have read too many fantasy novels. And now Hades, who now shares the roguelite throne with the brilliant Dead Cells.

In fact, Dead Cells would be the most obvious point of reference, because as Zagreus, son of the Greek king of the dead, Hades, fleeing from his underworld of the same name is a strictly run-based affair.

The only difference is that the platformer part is no longer due to the perspective. Instead, they are beaten in a hack-and-slay manner. Structurally, however, there are great similarities when you get a little better with each run and unlock new things with which you can progress with a little luck and practice.

For example, you can collect skill points, which you can exchange for talent increases in your chambers after your death before the next run. More damage from behind, life bonus when entering a new room, more dodging sprints in a row, to name just a few early examples. Or you can unlock new weapons with earned keys and buy new furnishings in exchange for clunkers that you find, which are not only used for decoration, but also give you access to certain challenges or modify future runs.

So basically you try the same thing over and over again, namely, flee right from the start to take a seat on Olympus next to the other gods. But the game is constantly changing and developing, so that screen death is seen not only as a punishment, but also as an opportunity.

More history than you think

Above all, it is remarkable how much character and story Supergiant put between the actual action in a game of this kind. It is very tempting to throw yourself back into the intoxicating fray of battle, but then you would miss the wonderfully antagonistic dialogues with Mr Papa, not develop the heart-warming relationship of trust with the spirit of Achilles and not get to know foster mother Nyx better.

And that would be a shame, as laconic and fervid as all the speakers are here on the matter. Anyone who otherwise avoided roguelites because of their story weaknesses are welcome to take a look.

But yes, the actual runs are the main attraction here: run after run you beat yourselves with the weapon and the associated attack repertoire of your choice through constantly rearranged series of rooms, full of well-mixed mobs of opponents, and gradually perfect your Technology for quantity control and damage-free movement through the halls and halls full of spiked and self-shot traps.

Sometimes the bullet-hell character of what happens here, and it just feels glorious, how fast, powerful and at the same time to the point this steers itself when you dance through the ranks of the opponents like an untouchable dervish until you get there had to blink again and still got hit. A masterpiece in terms of handling and feedback.

The skill lottery that Hades organizes anew with each run is particularly exciting. In each room there is a reward at the end (which is clearly marked on the door through which you enter it, so that you can plan your approach). Often enough this is a new skill donation from one of the Olympic gods, which has a drastic impact on your effectiveness and massively enhances the direct attack, your special or your projectile.

The beauty of Hades

They even come in different degrees of rarity, so there is always a bit of a headache: Do I take the 25 percent more damage for the standard attack because I use that the most, or the epic upgrade for my projectile, which is rarely used?

Since each deity is thematically fundamentally different, the combinations and superimpositions of more and more effects are incredibly powerful and multifaceted. Every run is interesting anew, especially since the six different weapons play very differently and make Zagreus look almost like a completely different character. Right, really good and motivating.

And because eyes and ears still play a little more part in Supergiant games than in other indies, Hades is again trying hard to come across as unique in terms of style. Darren Korb makes the music again, this time more in the direction of pathos and with subliminal darkness.

The LSD progrock record cover aesthetic gave way to a cartoon style with a clear, determined edge and strong contrasts, a look confident like its protagonist. Nothing looks like this, even something Supergiant has kept for itself. You first have to prove such an eye and hand – four times in a row.

However, I have to warn a little about the Switch version. The game can be played properly in the dock, although it is much less sharply drawn than on the PC. The frame rate is also right and tries to keep the 60 frames per second for most of the time. But in handheld mode the screen is simply too small to always have an overview and the text windows, which are not exactly rare, are not so easy to read. If you can, stick to the PC version. Everyone else prefers to play in the dock on the Switch.

Hades – Final Words

I’m pretty sure that some players will be critical of Hades because of the roguelite aspect. But the fact is that Zagreus and his team of “Frenemies” prove more character and story in the constant repetitions of Hades than many other, generic heroes in an action game with a classic campaign progression.

Hades just turned out to be an insanely well-rounded game that built a terrifyingly efficient power escalation machine on its sturdy action game feet. How reliably Zagreus’ escape from the underworld intoxicates and inspires new heroic deeds, that will not let go of you again so quickly.

It doesn’t matter how often you get shown your limits in a boss fight and then get tired, but get up again from the bloody whirlpool in Papa’s throne room with desire for the next run.

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