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About Oxygen Not Included

After more than two years, Klei Entertainment’s Oxygen Not Included has left Early Access behind. The complex and demanding colony building simulation is currently one of the top rated games on Steam. We dug up half the asteroid for the test and learned a lot about physics on the side.

A complex sandpit

Behind the cute facade and despite the cuddly figures, Oxygen Not Included is a real colony building simulation – with an emphasis on simulation. Much of the game by Klei Entertainment (Don’t Starve, Invisible, Inc., Mark of the Ninja and Shank) is based on physical and chemical backgrounds that require you to deal with the matter.

Hello thermodynamics! At the latest when gases such as chlorine, hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide waft through the area and you can see that layers are forming, there may be one or two aha-effects – or at least you remember your school days. Only liquids sometimes behave sluggishly when they drain or do strange things due to their surface tension.

As soon as automatic switching, the cultivation of plants and animals in suitable habitats as well as multi-level spaceships are added later, one can only laugh tiredly at the beginning, in which it was enough to dig a CO2 pit so that the colonists do not suffocate. And the great strength or the great hurdle of Oxygen Not Included is that the complexity continues to increase even after numerous hours … and you are hardly ever taken by the hand.

Which boulder should it be?

Every beginning is… complex. Before a game, you have to decide whether you want to play the normal survival variant or the easier no-sweat mode. The easy version is also complex, but generally allows more time and the dupes are not stressed out as quickly. Then the decision for an asteroid type is pending. This option was added with the final early access update.

You choose, for example, whether you want to start on a hot or cold asteroid and what the peculiarities of the boulder look like. All of this further defines the level of difficulty and ensures that the start phases, which are usually quite similar in development games, require rethinking when planning the colony – e.g. when it is too cold for typical plants.

At the end you decide on three duplicates (dupes for short), which are “printed out” on an asteroid for reasons unknown until now and have to survive there under the guidance of the player. You shouldn’t expect a story apart from minor clues. It’s about survival, expansion, surviving the almost inevitable heat crisis and space travel.

Dupe Commander

As the top boss of the two-dimensional colony, you first mark areas adjacent to the start area that the dupes are supposed to mine with the practical multi-mining tool. In this way, the area is enlarged and the first raw materials such as sandstone, algae, slime, metals etc. can be found. “Buildings”, machines and equipment can be placed in the open spaces, which the dupes can build independently with the necessary materials.

In the case of many structures, it is possible to specify the materials from which they are to be built, which increases their temperature resistance and thermal reactivity, for example an espresso machine made from gold amalgam overheats. not so fast – but that is still a long way off.

In the beginning, they built simple beds, toilets, showers, sinks, research equipment, pumps for fresh and dirty water, impellers for energy production and supplied the dupes with fried mud bars from the food press. Delicious! At the same time, specific sections can be declared as rooms with the room tool: This creates a dining room, bathroom, etc.

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