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About Planet Zoo

With Planet Zoo, the development team behind Planet Coaster is venturing into a new sub-genre: the zoo simulations. Compared to the playful but shallow Jurassic World Evolution, also developed by Frontier, Planet Zoo should be much more challenging.

Because the zoo simulation not only trumps graphically, it also takes the term simulation seriously: every species is simulated true to the original, including realistic needs and credible reactions to the environment.

Elephants, for example, cannot jump, but they like to swim; Zebras gather in herds and protect their young. Like Planet Coaster, Planet Zoo will also support modding so that creative players can create their own safari, space or other unusual self-made zoo.

Planet Zoo was released exclusively for Steam on PC on November 5, 2019. In addition, the developers show lifelike animals and their behavior during the trailer.

There is also a campaign that takes place all over the world. In the sandbox mode, creative landscapers can let off steam and build extensive areas and spacious habitats. The trailer gives an impression of what Planet Zoo will look like. In addition to lions, zebras and hippos that get up at sunrise, it shows elephants playing or crocodiles swimming.

Planet Zoo: Keep an eye on the reputation of the zoo

The reputation of the zoo determines how many guests come to the zoo and how satisfied they are when they leave. Of course, you can influence the rating at any time and use simple tricks to increase it. Among other things, the number, diversity and well-being of the animals are important. But you can also improve a lot when it comes to conservation.

You should regularly release animals into the wild, attach great importance to recycling and have a green thumb. A wide range of restaurants also ensures satisfied guests.

Should you need a cash injection, you can take out a loan in Planet Zoo. Here you pay back a fixed amount annually or redeem the sum completely at a later point in time. Note, however, that the loan still has interest. Our Planet Zoo guide for making quick money gives you further important tips if you are in financial difficulties.

Perfect zoo management

Marketing campaigns help increase the zoo’s reputation. About 15% of the reputation is based on these campaigns. If you have some money over, invest it there. There are three campaigns for you to choose from. The more money is invested, the greater the benefits of the campaign. If this is successful, the number of visitors to the zoo increases significantly.

Research for More Choices

In Planet Zoo, veterinarians can research any animal. In addition to a research center, access to the enclosure is required for this. Here, too, it should be noted that only one veterinarian can research a specific topic at the same time.

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