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About Rust

Rust is a hybrid of Minecraft and DayZ that players have to ensure their survival in. To do this, resources have to be collected and items produced, food sought and wild animals repelled. Each player is theoretically on his own and has to defend himself against other players or make alliances with them

Gamers of the survival game “Rust” probably don’t know at the moment whether to laugh or cry. As Facepunch recently announced, the indie developer is stopping work on the current version of the Early Access title – and is building the game from scratch.

On the one hand, this is good news, because the end result should be much more rounded.

On the other hand, the development time for the game should be massively prolonged as a result of this step. Developer Garry Newman explained to a trade magazine that the original “Rust” was tantamount to a screwed-up prototype, the program code of which was now so excessive that it would limit further progress enormously.

In order to simplify development and avoid errors, his team started from scratch. The standard version of the game on Steam will no longer be updated from now on. Instead, Facepunch is now working exclusively on the variant originally set as an experimental version, which is soon to become the new main version.

According to Newman, the fact that you got so wrong at the first attempt is due to the fact that the basis of the original program code comes from a time when you didn’t know what kind of game you would ultimately develop. Originally they worked on a kind of “Hitman” game called “Cash4Kill” and only later switched to the current concept.

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