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About Subnautica

Subnautica is an underwater exploration and survival game. The player crashes his spaceship in the ocean of a strange planet and has to explore the world beneath the waves, collect resources and gradually build better submarines.

The open-world game comes from the makers of the asymmetrical multiplayer shooter Natural Selection 2, from Unkown Worlds Entertainment. When night falls, it becomes dangerous because predatory fish then go for prey.

A voxel engine is used for the floor display, which enables the world to be deformed; caves are also possible. You can also build small and large submarines and even set up a modular underwater base. The ocean is divided into different biomes, which provide variety in fauna and flora.

Subnautica has already been released in an early version as part of Steam’s Early Access program. There is no multiplayer mode, but you can choose between hard survival with food and water or gentle survival without food. So if you just want to explore and build, you don’t have to worry about your own body all the time. You can still be attacked or drowned by animals. However, the resources collected are not lost.

Equipment such as better fins, breathing tanks, flashlights, knives or stasis cannons will also remain. There is also a tough hardcore mode with permadeath. One of the game objectives can be exploring the wrecked spaceship.


Subnautica is a classic survival game in many respects. It has core features of the genre:

  • Exploration
  • construction
  • to survive

In Subnautica you are not allowed to build bases together with other players or to make it easier for you to survive. You are “stranded” alone and you have to survive alone.

Subnautica differs from other survival games in that you do not get any real weapons with which you can defend yourself or kill aggressive fauna. The developers don’t want weapons in the game.

In addition, you have all kinds of technical equipment available, such as diving capsules, to dive deeper into the ocean. You rarely have solid ground under your feet.

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Subnautica is one of the top rated games on Steam.

It has with an “extremely positive” rating (98%, as of December 15th at 3:30 pm) in the last 3 days and a “very positive” rating (94%) for all reviews.

This is what makes the game so good: One of the most widely advertised aspects of the game is the environment. The awesomely designed world offers a change from other scenarios such as forests and deserts. Some players even feel like they are on a “short vacation”.

The story also drives many to keep playing. They want to find out if they really are the only survivors, explore the world and know what the planet is all about. The atmosphere compliments the gaming experience.

The most frequently mentioned criticisms are a lack of multiplayer and the fact that Epic is now offering the game for free. Some players claim their money back on Steam because of this. The best choice is of course to download the free Subnautica crack from our site.

Who’s the game for?

Subnautica is a top notch survival experience for people who like to feel helpless and scared. Lonely, underwater and on a strange planet. The eerie atmosphere of Subnatica has many fans. And hey, it’s free. So you can’t go wrong with trying it out.

If you celebrate in survival games above all that you survive together with friends or form clans to fight against others, Subnautica is great. Get the free crack and patch now for free.