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About The Forest

In the horror survival game “The Forest” you have to survive after a plane crash on a lonely island. You will discover forests, swim through rivers and explore caves.

“The Forest” is an extremely atmospheric survival horror game that is still in the early access phase. The crafting game is about surviving on a – supposedly – lonely island.

Exciting survival horror game for PC

You are just sitting on the plane and watching your sleeping son – and in the next moment your machine crashes. When you laboriously open your eyes for the first time after the disaster, you see a figure kidnapping your son.

And the player is right in the middle of one of the best survival horror games currently under development. The game “The Forest” has everything that makes a gamer’s heart beat faster: A large area that wants to be discovered and opponents that can either be armed or bypassed.

At the beginning it is important that you build a camp and thus establish a first shelter. As already known from other crafting games, this “base camp” can be improved and expanded over the course of the game. To do this, the player has to collect more and more raw materials such as wood, stone or metal. Of course, you also need food to hunt or collect.

If it gets cold at night and you cannot light a fire or are not dressed warmly enough, you will suffer damage. The aim of the game is, how could it be otherwise, to find your lost child and save it from the clutches of mutated cannibals.

At the moment the game is still in an early development phase, but is regularly updated with new features. The developers pay particular attention to a game world that is as lively as possible. This already catches the eye: the trees and plants move wonderfully in the wind even in the alpha phase and the first caves are also easy to see.

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